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2017 Images

Student in front of computer

Student in College

Student walking in College

Students in training

Students attending a training course


Researcher from the Addenbrookes Cancer Research Centre working at a microbiology safety cabinet

Insect 150x120

Image of insect taken at BioBlitz event 2011

Evolutionary Studies_150x120

Woman studying a skull at the Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies

DNA sculpture 150x120

DNA sculpture in Clare College

Botanic garden 150x120px

Flowers photographed in the Botanic Garden

Brain Repair Centre 150x120px

Researcher looking at samples under microscope at the Brain Repair Centre


Researcher pipetting small amounts of sample (from the Brain Repair Centre)


Researcher looking at sample under microscope II (from Brain Repair Centre)

Students Playing Football 590x288

Students playing football on Jesus Green in the autumn

General Admission 590x288px

General Admission at the Senate House

University Press 590x288px

Picture of St Mary's Street with the University Press Bookshop

Earth Sciences 590x288px

Bike parked in front of the Department of Earth Sciences in front of a shrub in flowers

Festival of ideas 590x288px

Festival of ideas bunting against a background of blurred parked bikes

Kings Chapel 349x233px

Picture of King's College Chapel at dawn

Rowing 349x233px

Women rowing

Kings Chapel 150x120

King's College Chapel at dawn

Rowing 150x120

Women rowing

Kings Chapel 200x133px

Lab photo 1 150x120px

Lab photo 2 150x120px

Lab photo 3 150x120px

Lab photo 4 150x120px

Lab photo 5 150x120px

Cells on screen 150x120px

Student at microscope 150x120px

Student in lab 150x120px

student and computer 150x120px

medics in overalls 150x120px

Carousel lab photo 883x431px

carousel student and poster 883x431px

Carousel training 883x431px

punting 250x250px

student walking 250x250px

general admissions 250x250px

Mouse neurons 250x250px

GRASP Carousel

GRASP Carousel 2

GRASP Carousel 3

Teaser course directory


Research in Chemical and structural biology

Protein, DNA, RNA, chromosome structure; drug discovery, enzyme evolution; bioengineering; synthetic biology

SBS students

Life Sciences students at work in the Lab

Babraham Institute

External view of the Babraham Institute

Babraham Institute

Babraham Institute 150x120

place holder image

place holder image

AHT Logo

Animal Health Trust Logo

Animal Health Trust

Animal Health Trust 150x120

Students in Lab BBSRC

Students in Lab BBSRC 150x120

British Antarctic Society Cambridge 150x120

Scott Polar Research Institute 150x120



Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine

Medicine Open Day

Medicine Open Day 150x120

Paediatrics 150x120

Paediatrics 150x120

Wellcome Clinical PhD


RDP Logo

RDP Logo

GRASP meeting

GRASP meeting

Pathology 150x120

Pathology 150x120

Pharmacology 150x120

Department of Pharmacology 150x120

Psychology 150x120

Department of Psychology

Psychology 150x120

Psychology 150x120

Radiology 150x120

Department of Radiology

Sanger Institute 150x120

Sanger Institute

Vet Medicine 150x120

Department of Vet Medicine

CIMR 150x120

CIMR Garden Party

Systems Biology 150x120

Systems Biology Lab

CRUK 150x120

CRUK Credit Sir Cam

Centre for Family Research 150x120

Centre for Family Research

Biochemistry Lab 150x120

Biochemistry Lab

Clinical Biochemistry Lab 150x120

Clinical Biochemistry Lab

Brain Map 150x120

Brain Map

Genetics Petri Dish 150x120

Genetics Petri Dish

Blood Cells 150x120

Blood Cells

Breast Cancer 150x120

Breast Cancer

ObGyn Image 150x120

ObGyn Image

Test tubes Oncology 150x120

Test tubes Oncology

Student at PDN 150x120

Student at PDN

Department.of.Plant.Science 150x120

Department of Plant Sciences

Psychiatry 150x120

Psychiatry Needle

Word Cloud Public health 150x120

Word Cloud Public health

Museum.of.Zoology Sign 150x120

Museum of Zoology Sign


Science is Global Event 2016 EBI

Brain puzzle Institute of Public health 150x120

Brain puzzle Institute of Public Health

MRC Cancer Unit 150x120

MRC Cancer Unit

MRC CBU Building 150x120

MRC CBU Building

MRC EWL Building 150x120

MRC EWL Building

MRC Epidemiology Building 150x120

MRC Epidemiology Building

MRC LMB Building 150x120

MRC LMB Building

MRC MBU 150x120


Botanics Lab 150x120

Botanics Lab

Sainsbury Lab View 150x120

Sainsbury Lab View

Gurdon 150x120

Gurdon Institute

Stem Cell Event 150x120

Stem Cell Event

MRC IMS Building 150x120

MRC IMS Building

Senate House

Senate House Festival of Light

MRC Biostats Equations 150x120

MRC Biostats Equations

Museums at twilight 590x288px