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The Skills Analysis Survey

The Skills Analysis Survey is an online module designed to help you assess your existing skills against the competencies outlined in the Cambridge Researcher Development Framework (CamRDF), and identify areas that need development. These skills are ones that are needed in your preparation to become a professional researcher and are highly valued by both academic and non-academic employers.

We encourage students to take the survey about once a year and complete a Professional Development Plan. You can use this to discuss your training goals with your supervisor and make the most of the opportunities you have in Cambridge. 

How to take the Skills Analysis Survey

Depending on your stage of study there are two different ways to take the survey.

If you are in your first year and part of the Core Skills Training Programme...

Please access the Skills Analysis Survey through the CSTP Introductory Moodle

If you are not in your first year of studies in Cambridge...

Please follow the following link to the Researcher Development Programme website that include all the information you need to access this resource

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